Manufacture of stator windings
  • T, T2, TV, TV 2, TGV, TVV,
  • TVF, TZF, TZFP, TZFG, etc.
  • with a capacity of up to 220 MW
  • SV, VGS
  • VGDS, etc.
  • any capacity

3D – transposition:
360°, 540°, 720°
Possible production of bars
with direct water or hydrogen cooling

A unique automated line

The manufacture of stator bars for turbogenerators and hydrogenerators is carried out on line designed specifically for LLC "Vorotynsk Power Repair Plant". The line includes equipment manufactured by the French company VUNCENT INDUSTRIES and the Swiss company MICAMATION

Advantages of automated production:
  • High accuracy of the geometric parameters of the bar
  • Avoid damage to bars during molding
  • Absolute identity of each bar thanks to 3D modeling
  • High productivity: the time for manufacture of the set - from 1 to 3 months

We use own produced materials

LLC "Vorotynsk Power Repair Plant" is part of "Moskabelmet" Group of Companies. Due to this, a wire of our own production is used in the manufacture of stator windings for electric machines.

We use materials of the leading worldwide and domestic manufacturers

The latest generation of insulating, semiconducting and consolidating materials of the leading world and domestic manufacturers are used: VONROLL ISOLA, ISOVOLTA, Elinar, Dielectric

The main stages of manufacture of the bar
Weaving of transposed bars using the ROEBELBC8540LR machine from VINCENT INDUSTRIE
Consolidation of half-bars in the grooved part on the hydraulic press MP-371 from MICAMATION
Molding of the frontal parts of the bar on the forming machine H-TBFM-8000 from VINCENT INDUSTRIE
Consolidation of the half-rods in the frontal part and soldering with induction heater from ELDER
Measurements and tests in the volume of RD 34.45-51.300-97
Packaging of finished products.

An example of a well-made/poorly made bar for the stator of turbogenerator

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