Vorotynsky Power Repair Plant has turned 60 years old!

25 февраля, 2021

The history of the plant begins with the geological exploration of a coal deposit in the village of Kurovskoye, located 10 km from Vorotynsk. For the laying of mines, electricity was required. In 1953 an energy train was sent to Vorotynsk from the Donbass for the construction of power lines and transformer substations. An electric generator with a capacity of 600 kW was installed in each of the 4 cars of the train.

When the power supply from the unified state grid was established, the need for an energy train disappeared. However, the team of the power train did not break up and laid the foundation for the repair shop of electric motors.

The volume of equipment received for repair gradually increased and the need for professionally trained personnel increased. In the winter of 1961, a group of girls was sent to the Kaluga Turbine Plant for training. After completing a 4-month training course, they received the profession of electric winders. In the summer, several other employees took this course. In the future, the winders were trained in the workshop. By the end of the year, the total number of employees was 20. The date of February 22, 1961 is considered to be the year of the beginning of the plant’s activity.

Now Vorotynsky Power Repair Plant is a modern, dynamically developing enterprise that is part of the Moskabelmet group of companies — the largest holding company for the production of cable and wire products.

The plant annually repairs about 800 electric machines of various types and capacities, provides more than 100 services for servicing electric motors at the site of their installation, produces several sets of rods for turbo generators and hydro generators.

VERZ is an official service partner for the repair and maintenance of electric motors and generators of the world’s leading manufacturers of electrical equipment ABB, SIEMENS, General Electric, WEG, Bartec Varnost.