VERZ — ABB’s current partner in the service of explosion-proof electrical machines

16 марта, 2020

Explosion-proof electric motors and generators are widely used in the petrochemical, gas and mining industries, wherever there is a risk of leakage of explosive or flammable substances. These motors are highly durable and have a shell that is impervious to explosions, which guarantees resistance to damage from the outside.

The world’s leading manufacturers of electrical equipment, including our long-time partner ABB, have a wide range of electric motors and generators of explosion-proof design. At the same time, the personnel of the repair company must have high qualifications and skills to restore the performance of such motors while maintaining their explosion- proof properties.

Теперь сервисный центр ВЭРЗ официально уполномочен компанией Now the service center of VERZ is officially authorized by ABB to carry out major repairs and maintenance of explosion-proof electric motors, which is confirmed by the corresponding certificate (located in the Certificates section). This document gives us the right to repair low-voltage and high-voltage (up to 6 kV) electric motors and generators of class «Ex-d».

All repair and service work is performed in strict accordance with the ABB maintenance program and may include:

— vibration diagnostics, thermal monitoring and diagnostics of windings;

— restoration of bearing units and replacement of bearings;

— balancing the rotor in its own supports;

— alignment of the alignment of aggregates;

— major repairs with replacement of windings.